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Saturday, Oct. 19, 2002 - 12:02 a.m.

Clearly, Lola is suffering from PMS.

Try not to speak above a whisper, 'kay?

Stupid Quote(s) of the Day:
"[Golf]...enhances the habitat for very ordinary suburban birds."
-- Linda Sibley, Martha's Vineyard Commissioner, on one of the reasons Corey Kupersmith shouldn't be allowed to build his new proposed 18-hole golf course on Martha's Vineyard.

God forbid. Ordinary suburban birds. Can you imagine? Common crows. There goes the friggin' neighborhood.

"The rich and famous have been coming here for generations. They came here with loads of money, but they didn't flaunt it. They wore plaid shirts so they wouldn't stand out."
-- Paul Strauss, Vineyard resident, retiree, and golf course opponent.

Whew. Thank GOD for plaid. Otherwise, how *would* you know anyone on the Vineyard had money? Just imagine the Burberry... On a sidenote, do you think Burberry is actually the tartan of the Clan Vineyard?


"Corey Kupersmith has demonstrated his pockets are deep and that he is not going to roll over and play dead for these tinhorn dictators."
-- Brian Lafferty, managing director of the proposed, much beleaguered, Kupersmith golf course.

I just think it's hysterical the guy actually said "tinhorn dictators" and still expects to be taken seriously.

And last, but certainly not least (she says with glee):

"There is going to be retribution. They toyed with us. The only way to get a fair hearing is when they start seeing economic harm. Each member of the commission better get a lawyer. I am going to sue them."
-- Corey Kupersmith, pissed off would-be golf course emperor, upon losing his bid to build a new course on the Vineyard for like the 35th or 37th time.

Wow; Retribution. The guy went and got all Biblical and stuff. Who knew golf was such a bitter, vindictive sport, ay? Think there's a legal standing for suing because a community doesn't want you to build a golf course on its tiny, overpopulated island? It's High Noon all over again. Only, you know, without all the cool quickdraw action and hip holsters, and with, like, lawyers and briefs and stuff. Yawn. Even the potential suees weren't impressed. They left in the middle of his press tirade. I'm sure they were totally wearing plaid. You know. So they could blend.*

But that does lead us to the next item on the agenda, the...

Excellent Quote(s) of the Day:
"Metaphorically speaking, Ira Einhorn and his Virgo moon are toast."
--Lynne Abraham, Philadelphia district attorney upon winning a murder conviction against Ira Einhorn, 70's hippie guru, who murdered his girlfriend and stuffed her in a trunk (not necessarily in that order), and then blamed it on the CIA after fleeing the country.

Yeah. Smoke another one, Ira. What kind of idiot calls himself the Unicorn, anyway?

Schmuck-geeks are Universal
By the way, my take on that DC-area Sniper guy is that he's a paunchy, middle-aged, balding white guy with brown hair, who wears glasses and 1970's thrift store sweaters and probably still lives close to home, if not at home. Just see if I'm right. He probably as an old army surplace jacket in olive drab, too. C'mon, bet me. I have a friend who just moved to Montgomery County like a month or 2 ago. He says they aren't buying gas except in the city right now. Good thing the DC-area has a subway...

Golf, Anyone?
* For the whole juicy story, go to the NY Times - which is pretty fascist when it comes to letting you view archives (like I'm really going to pay for a story I can find elsewhere for free? Please.) But this is the best version of the story, with all the best ridiculous quotes, which are more fun in context of this reporter's article, so go read it (free!) while you can!

Just don't try to breathe...
For today's dose of Bush-suckage, I give you the case of the Zero Emissions Vehicle mandate. Or what WOULD be the Zero Emissions Vehicle mandate if the Anti-Environment Asshole hadn't declared open season on clean air and weren't Big Business' bitch. I'll let you read it, but I will substantiate that the air out here fucking SUCKS. I can't breathe most days of the year, the smog is so bad. Unless it rains, and all the "particulate matter" gets washed out of the air. So when most people are congested, I can actually finally get air thru my nasal passages...assuming, of course, I do not have a cold, since the only time it rains is mid-Jan to mid-Feb. You know, I have to wonder. If you gave Bush a bulldozer and told him the rainforests were prime grazing land and he could profit from the sell of oil leases there, do you think he'd doze 'em all down? Coz I will bet you any money on the planet he would. Loser.

There's a more even-handed and informative op-ed piece on the same story at the NY Times. It's better written. But it won't stay around as long as the Sacramento Bee, which is the link above. I am growing to like the Bee. Just another sign of my impending submission to total liberalism, I guess. I'm fighting it tooth and nail, however. I still believe in the death penalty, stronger prison sentences and more of 'em, trying youth as adults, more prisons, and the Constitutional right of all Americans to bear guns, so there's hope for me yet.

Oh, wait. One more anti-Bush I just found.

You know, Idiotboy spends more time away from the friggin' White House than any other president in my (not-quite-as-yet-formidible) lifetime. I have to wonder if the guy even knows where his office is.

Psst! Hey, George: it's the big ovally one.
Like an ellipse.
An egg.
::sigh:: Look for the round one, George.

And Kudos to you, Sean.
Now that's the way to spend $56,000. Not that I think Idiotboy will listen, but at least more people who disagree with what's going on might find the balls to say so and maybe even do something about it. Like VOTE. And if anyone knows where you can actually read the text of that letter in its entirety, please drop me a note in my guestbook. Thanks!

Still the Middle Ages
And finally, is the Pope on fricking *crack*??? Ya know, the more I hear about the Catholic Church these days, the less surprised I am the Spanish Inquisition happened. If Torquemada were alive today, I'm sure the pope would have him to tea. Is that guy just totally senile, or in the worst case of denial ever known? Or maybe he really is the corrupt bastard he seems to be. I can't think of a single other reason he would protect the peds he has and continues to do, unless he's one too.

So now that I've annoyed Conservatives and Catholics alike (yeah RIGHT, like any of them read this), here's today's version of The List:

Top 10 Cool Political Figures:
1. Opus the Penguin. Opus' brilliant political savvy was overshadowed by the failed presidential run of Bill the Cat, who, come to think of it, bears a striking resemblance to our current clueless leader. But Opus was a cool penguin and hip bird nonetheless. He is sorely missed.
2. Benjamin Franklin. Very smart guy.
3. Patrick Henry. Talk about cajones the size of freakin' Montana...
4. FDR. The Tennesse Valley Authority. The Public Works. Good job, Franklin.
5. Winston Churchill
6. Anwar Sedat
7. Jesus of Nazareth. "Render unto God what is God's; render unto Caesar what is Caesar's." What a diplomat. Plus, he had that whole do-unto-others, let-he-who-is-without-sin, honesty thing goin'.
8. Jimmy Carter. If nothing else, the guy was honest.
9. William Wallace
10. George Washington. By some accounts, he was kinda clueless, but clearly, he did something right. And that first presidency can't have been an easy thing.

Peace out,

Cavort, cavort, my kingdom for a

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