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Thursday, Nov. 14, 2002 - 12:05 a.m.

First off, it's kinda ridiculous - no, it is actually just ridiculous - to refer to the people about whom you write as a "cast" and then to have a cast page. But it has come to my attention that it is considered de rigueur here in Diaryland land, so I bow to pressure and here it is. Within reason. It stands to reason I lose anonymity if I go about posting a who's who of the people who annoy the living fucking daylights out of me on a daily basis - or, for that matter, the ones who don't - so don't expect tons of forthcoming info. This is not 411.

That being said, here we go.

The Cast, In Order of Appearance

My alter ego ever since I dyed my hair dark brown. I give her credit for all the vitriol I spill. Just go with it.

The Boyfriend
The guy I date. The guy I have been dating for a while and was friends with for a while before that. Cool guy, foul temper, incredibly sexy, makes me loopy, entirely too fond of x-box games.

Various and sundry coworkers, instructors and fellow classmates. These people will occasionally punctuate entries. I am not ever going to refer to any of them by name, nor will I name the school I attend or where I work. Get over it. It's none of your freakin' business, anyway.

Jonny C
Longtime friend, fellow diarist, fellow actor, fellow LA transplant, and part of my support system. In a longterm, committed relationship with his domestic partner, who will also be referred to, but probably not by name. I prefer instead to use the elusive initial. Which will probably change, depending on my whim. Call me quirky.

David Letterman

Mimi Smartypants
A favorite diarist. The person who interested me in the whole concept, though I doubt she's aware of that, seein' as she has no idea who I am, beyond the email I sometimes pester her with.

Joe, Joey, the Joester, Cupparama, Cupparuski, the Joemeister, doin' the Cuppa with the Joe...sorry. I lapsed into early 90's Rob Schneider. I'll try not to let it happen again. Another of my favorite Diarylanders. Cool dude, yo.

George Dubya Bush, ex-cheerleader, ex-coke snorter, ex-intoxicated driver (I hope), questionable military attendance, current President of these here Yew-nahtid States, Y'all.

Brian Lafferty
Brian is this guy who's trying to build a golf course on Martha's Vineyard, which has gotten all caught up in this big bruhaha, also known as Golfzilla. I made him one of the Stupid Quote(s) of the Day, he signed my gb, I wrote him mail, he wrote back, and in my slightly obsessive fashion, I have made him a near daily part of the diary experience. Hi, Bri.

Linda Sibley
Part of the bruhaha on the Vineyard, a member of the Martha's Vineyard Commission, and a woman so stupid I have made it a quest to find all the stupid quotes I can credit her with. She's the one who said: "I don't want any little Japs or Michael Jordans flying in here to play golf," thus prompting me to start calling the whole thing Golfzilla.

Deep Throat
My source for Golfzilla info. DT leaks me little updates and a good quote now and again and makes me feel like Woodward and Berntein both rolled into one. Only, cuter. And female. And, you know, without the book deal and awards and all that.

The Down Island Golf Club
AKA the Kupersmith golf club, which is the golf course & club Bri and his partner, landowner Corey Kupersmith, have proposed building on Martha's Vineyard. They've been really decent about it too, designating 100 acres for conservation, and earmarking a lot of money for various causes and stuff on the island. I frankly don't get why Ms. Sibley has decided to make it her personal vendetta they never get to build the course.

There are no pets, at the moment. There used to be Jake, the best dog in the entire world, but that was a while ago, and Jake is no longer here. I *might* get a cat. I kinda doubt it because I am not a cat person, but it's not beyond the realm of possibility.

There. Happy, now?

copyright 2002 - 2005 Katie Doyle; all rights reserved
Don't even think it, punk.

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